[CSR-Education] Dian Harapan Kindergarten Students Learn Fire Safety

[CSR-Education] Dian Harapan Kindergarten Students Learn Fire Safety 11 April 2019

CIKARANG, EJIP.co.id - PT. East Jakarta Industrial Park provides education regarding the profession of firefighting to kindergarten students in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility activities. This CSR-Education event is intended to introduce early on about the causes of fires and how to extinguish them.

In 2019, Dian Harapan kindergarten students, Lippo Cikarang arrived at the EJIP firefighting office. Thursday, April 11, 2019 there were 52 kindergarden students accompanied by five teachers studying with the EJIP fire fighting team. The students are enthusiastic to the friendly firefighter who carries the material. As in the previous year, for one hour students were given material about fire and how to extinguish it.

In order to provide a real explanation, the firefighting teams also allowed all children to act as firefighters while removing water from a fire truck. Seen children very animating the profession. Five selected children are allowed to use firefighter's professional clothes, complete with hats and shoes that we prepare. At the end of the event, all students were invited to ride a fire truck around PT EJIP.

EJIP hopes that children will care about the environment early. 


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