Sharing and Caring due to Covid-19

Sharing and Caring due to Covid-19 15 May 2020

In official Indonesia  Government have initiated program to  support Indonesia Citizen due to  impact of COVID19 in their economy.

Therefore, Bekasi local government including Sub Region/Kecamatan Cikarang Selatan and Sukaresmi Villages initiated to establish food barns (lumbung pangan) against vulnerable communities affected by the COVID-19.


By the purpose both to protect  our Industrial Park in security field and living harmony with local community, also Ramadan season that this month is good momentum for sharing each other, EJIP arrange the collaboration among tenants to donated SEMBAKO or basic need such as rice, instant noodle, sugar, wheat flour, cooking oil for vulnerable people.

Although it is within a period of social restriction of large scale, the solidarity and sense of togetherness must be kept and to strengthen.

Symbolic Handover of Donation to Sukaresmi Village  and Cikarang Selatan Sub Region on May 15, 2020.


The 1st Hand over held in Office of Sukaresmi Vilage on 10:00AM and 2nd hand over at Cikarang Selatan Office on 02:00PM.

The ceremony attended by President director PT. EJIP, Mr. Hideyuki Terajima, Mr. Suryanto S&O Dept. Manager,  tenants representatives, village officials staff, BPD elements and local leaders.

Total donation contains 695 packages of rice @ 5kg or equivalent to 3,475 kg, instant noodles 292 box, cooking oil @1lt 651 pouch, 414 kg sugar, 100 kg flour, milk 120 box and Calpico drink 10 box.


Pandemic Awareness
03 June 2020

Contribution to Bekasi Regency cq. Health Division

EJIP Support Bekasi Police to handling Covid-19
24 June 2020

In the framework of 74th of Bhayangkara's anniversary, Bekasi Police invited business players in the program to share daily essential goods to the people who has been impacted by the Covid-19.