EJIP Support Bekasi Police to handling Covid-19

EJIP Support Bekasi Police to handling Covid-19 24 June 2020

            In the framework of 74th of Bhayangkara's anniversary, Bekasi Police invited business players in the program to share daily essential goods to the people who has been impacted by the Covid-19. As one of the industrial area in Bekasi Regency, PT. East Jakarta Industrial Park contributed to provide essential goods of 188 pouch of 1 litre cooking oil and 30 duz of instant noodles.

            EJIP handed over the essential goods aid to the representatives of the committee on  June 24th,  2020 at the EJIP Management’s office. The Bekasi police will distribute those to some surrounding communities, such as financially critical families, layoffs, social parlours, nursing homes, orphanages, and medical organizations. The distribution will be done by name, by address, and hunting by following health protocols, thereby preventing the crowd.

            Bhayangkara Anniversary event to 74th will be held in a simple way at the hall of Polrestro Promoter Bekasi.  Congratulation 74th Bhayangkara, hopefully the POLRI remains a Jaya and be loved by people even more".  We believe that Covid 19 will be soon banished, and  the community, especially in Bekasi Regency, can start active again soon.


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