Monitoring and Processing of PCBs Socialization

Monitoring and Processing of PCBs Socialization 30 January 2024

PPLI, in collaboration with EJIP, held a socialization activity on PERMENLHK no. 29 of 2020 regarding monitoring and processing of PCBs at the EJIP Center, South Cikarang on Tuesday (30/01/2024).

Attended by 80 participants who were tenants of the EJIP area, this activity began with remarks from the president director of PT EJIP, president director of PPLI, and was opened by the Head of the Bekasi Regency Environmental Services (DLH). Next, the commitment "Indonesia Free from PCBs 2028" was signed  by participants, KLHK, DLH Bekasi, PPLI, and EJIP on the provided canvas.

This socialization has the theme "Early Identification Towards a PCBs-Free Indonesia". The aim of this socialization is to increase participants’ understanding of the dangers of PCBs, ensure industry players carry out early identification of their PCBs potential, and unite their commitment to Indonesia PCBs 2028.

KLHK representatives conveyed information regarding PERMENLHK No. 29 of 2020 with the hope that participants would be able to identify PCBs. Followed by PPLI representatives who delivered material regarding identification methods and processing technology for PBCs. The socialization activity closed with the presentation of souvenirs to the speakers.

PCBs are dangerous materials that can cause several generative diseases. By holding this socialization on PCBs monitoring and processing, it is hoped that it will provide insight into identifying and processing PCBs for the participants.

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