EJIP Fire fighting’s team implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Residential of Mega Regency, on Tuesday 29 January 2019. PT. EJIP reached out to more than 80 peoples, from two hamlet (RW 007 and RW 010) Sukasari, Serang Baru, Bekasi.

Fire safety awareness training gives an understanding of the methods of a fire hazard. The training materials both including theory and practice of basic fire science and firefighting. During the practice, they introduce with the traditional and modern equipment (fire extinguisher/APAR).

Training materials adapted to the environmental conditions in Mega Regency Residential. Housing with parallel duplex buildings condition can categorize in high risk. Therefore, the trainer team gave knowledge about fire, the sources and prevention against fire incident.


The most possibility trigger of fires in this area is gas stove burner. The participants are given the practice how to extinguished small fire by traditional way i.e wet sacks. In addition, they also practice using APAR, when found fire is already large. In this training are also trained how to response and care with a neighbour who were suffered a fire.

After the training, PT. EJIP represented by Mr. Saidi gives donation two fire extinguishers (APAR) to be utilized and placed on the secretariat office of each hamlet.

This activity is the Reliable CSR program of PT. EJIP in safety and health categories.

The program has been carried out in several time since Year 2014 by provided training for members and staff of the village near EJIP’s area in the Regency of Bekasi.


CSR - チコロンジョ村の地域産業開発
12 November 2017

CSR - チコロンジョ村への有機肥料製造のための粉砕機贈呈

Ramadhan Activity 2018
02 June 2018

Ramadhan Activity 2018

06 July 2019


PT. EJIP Participate in the Clean Up Action at World Cleanup Day (WCD) 2019
21 September 2019

PT. EJIP Participate in the Clean Up Action at World Cleanup Day (WCD) 2019

CSR : Mass circumcision 2020
15 December 2019

CSR : Mass circumcision 2020

CSR : EJIP Distribute 20 Ied Adha Qurban 1441H
29 July 2020

In the pandemic of Covid-19, PT EJIP still distribute Qurban donations to the Sukaresmi’s community, on Eid al-Adha, as many as 6 cows and 14 goats.

CSR: EJIP invites environmental activists of South Cikarang for Composter Training
27 October 2020

(27/10) EJIP and the Headmaster of the Midori School, Mrs. Novianti, invited environmental activists in the Cikarang Selatan area to take part in waste utilization training at Midori Private School, Cikarang Selatan.

EJIP CSR : Qurbani animals for Ied Adha Ceremony 1443 H/2022
07 July 2022

Happy Ied Adha 1443 H! This year, EJIP commemorated Eid Adha ceremony by presenting and distributing Qurban donations of totally 20 animals which comprising 6 cows and 14 goats/lambs, as a form of contribution to the communities. The delivering of qurbani animals was taken place on Thursday morning, 7th of July 2022 in EJIP Office area, South Cikarang, Bekasi Regency. This ceremony has been being the routine activity of one of EJIP’s CSR commitment annually and for honoring Islamic exercises.

EJIP Environmental CSR : Education and Socialization Organic Waste Treatment. Giving 50 barrels of composters to Bank Sampah Community in Bekasi Regency
10 August 2022

10th August 2022, EJIP has completed the Environmental CSR activity by educating and socializing the Bank Sampah communities in Bekasi Regency about how to treat organic waste.

EJIP Medical/Heatlh CSR : Socialization on theme “The importance of safety and health of Taxibike (Ojek) in EJIP surroundings
23 August 2022

As one of EJIP CSR scheme not only environmental care but also medical concern, EJIP had a chance to conduct the socialization theming “The Importance of Safety and Health of Taxibike (Ojek) in EJIP surroundings” in 23th August 2022.