Business Services

We provide business services for smooth business operations of tenants;

Arranging Monthly Meetings & Socializations

   The followings are examples of the agenda of meetings and socializations.

   - Measures for New Influenza/Epidemics

   - Revisions of Laws & Regulations

   - Labor Law/Form of Employment

   - Health, Safety and Environmental Issues

   - Taxation Issues

   - New Social Security Program

   - Entry VISA, Working Permit Issues, etc.


Support for setting up operations in Indonesia

   - Application of Business License

   - Application of Working Permit

Support for Construction/Expansion of Factory

   - Selection of Local Contractor (Tendering, Evaluation)

    - Application of Environmental License (UKL/UPL) 

Distribution of important/necessary information

   - Traffic Issues

   - Security Issues, etc.


Measures for Labor Disputes

   - Various Advices on Labor Issues