We provide the following industrial infrastructure services to respond the needs of tenants.

  • Industrial Water Supply --- Capacity 18,000ton/day
  • Waste Water Treatment--- Capacity 14,400ton/day
  • Environmental Emergency Response Car---Emergency Response to environmental issue in the Industrial Park
  • E-Lab --- Waste water test, clean and drinking water test, air ambient test, and the air emissions test
  • Electricity --- Reliable Electric Power Supply by Cikarang Listrindo
  • Communication --- Telephone and cellar lines by various carriers and High Quality Fiber Optic Network
  • Natural Gas --- by PGN (Trunk Gas Pipeline Available )
  • Industrial Gases (N2,H2,O2) --- by Air Liquid
  • Infrastructure Rehabilitation --- Repair of Water Pipes, Drainages, Roads, Water Treatment Plants, etc.

  • Environmental Emergency Response Car

  • Industrial Gases

  • Cikarang Listrindo

  • Industrial Water Supply Plant

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant

EJIP SecurityAssisting tenants’ safe business operations, we provide

Security & Fire Fighting services;

24 Hours Security and Fire Fighting Services
  • Coordination between 63 EJIP Security Guards and 4 Resident Police Officers
  • Fire Fighting Vehicles (2 vehicles)
  • Security Vehicles (2 Patrol Cars and 7 Patrol Bikes)

Fulfilling commercial needs of tenants, we have a commercial facility complex (EJIP Center)

EJIP Center is equipped  with the following facilities:
  • Banks
  • Travel Agent 
  • Courier Service 
  • Japanese Restaurant 
  • Mini Mart
  • Rental Conference Room

Link to Commercial Facilities

Our mosque accommodates ± 2.100 people with ± 1.600 m2

building area and a parking area for ± 160 cars on the land area

of 19,750m2.